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Mahindra OEM 36523102201 Fuel Tank Cap

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Mahindra OEM 36523102201 Fuel Tank Cap

*Replaces 36523102200

Fitment Chart

10 Series 2310 4WD Gear
10 Series 2310 HST
10 Series 2810 4WD Gear (New Sheet Metal) - From SN# 281V
10 Series 2810 HST 4WD
10 Series 3510 4WD Gear (New Sheet Metal) - From SN# 351V
10 Series 3510 HST
10 Series 4010 Gear
10 Series 4010 HST
10 Series 4110 (New Sheet Metal) - From SN# 411V
10 Series 4110 -T4
10 Series 4510 Cabin T2
10 Series 4510 Cabin T4
10 Series 5010 Gear 4WD
10 Series 5010 Gear Cabin
10 Series 5010 HST Cabin
10 Series 6010 HST Cabin
10 Series 6110 Gear Cabin
2500 Series 2538 HST T4
2500 Series 2540 Gear T4
2500 Series 2545 Gear T4
2500 Series 2555 Gear Cabin T4
2500 Series 2555 Gear T4
2500 Series 2555 HST Cabin T4
2500 Series 2555 HST T4
2500 Series 2565 Gear Cabin T4
2600 series 2638 HST OS
2600 series 2645 Gear OS
2600 series 2655 Gear
2600 series 2655 Gear Cabin
2600 series 2655 HST CABIN
2600 series 2655 HST OS
2600 series 2665 GEAR CABIN
eMax (T4 Series) eMax 22 Gear
eMax (T4 Series) eMax 22 HST
eMax (T4 Series) eMax 22 Steel Gear
eMax (T4 Series) eMax 22 Steel HST
eMax (T4 Series) eMax 25 HST
eMax (T4 Series) eMax 25 Steel HST
eMax L Series eMax  L22 HST
eMax L Series eMax L22 Gear
eMax L Series eMax L25 HST
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Length:

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ross Mickens
Good quality not a perfect fit for TYM

Not a perfect fit for a TYM 554 tractor but it'll work if you carefully screw it on.

Donald Ambeau
Fuel Cap didn't fit.

After receiving the fuel cap. I opened the package and knew that it wouldn't work for my fuel tank.. I did check it out on the tank and was right because the threads were external and I need internal one. I was going to send it back but after reading the return policy I found the it would be voided if package was open. How do you know if you have the right part if you can't open the package. It also stats there would be a 40% restocking fee. I guess I got burned on this.

Gunga Din
OEM Replacement, borderline tighter fit.

Looks just like the one that came with my tractor, but the threads are bit off - so it it's a little bit of a struggle to get it on and off. However my last cap vibrated loose while bush hogging so maybe the tight fit will keep this from happening. My wife complains she can't get the cap on and off without my help. But she complains all the time so I'm not sure how much that counts. Still she's pretty strong, I've seen her right hook so it's kind of surprising she struggles with a fuel cap. She's probably going to kick my butt when she reads this.

Jay Laude
Fuel Cap

I couldn't get a new fuel cap through my local Mahindra dealer so I got on the internet and found Sherwood. I ordered my fuel cap and 3 weeks later I put it on my tractor. Still no word from the local dealer on when they can get one.

Julius Harris
Gas Cap

Was looking for fuel cap for 2538. Local dealer want almost $26 for this. Searched and found Sherwood who had part and even with shipping was $6 less. They shipped fast and kept me updated. I recommend Sherwood.

Kirk Kuehnel
Cap for TYM 354

Bought this cap made for a Mahindra and it works perfectly with the TYM 354. Solid product and fast shipping.